Bits and Trees

A podcast focused on Computer Science, Software Engineering, and all of the topics in between.

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    Vets Who Code with Jerome Hardaway

    Jerome Hardaway, Geek at Arms at Vets Who Code, joins us to discuss the Vets Who Code program, pragmatism / being tactical, and teaching development.

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    Pair Programming with Ben Orenstein

    In this episode Ben Orenstein tells us about his experiences with pair programming, moving from consulting to product work, creating a screen sharing application, and more.

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    SRE and Incident Response with Dirceu Tiegs

    In this episode, Dirceu Tiegs from Auth0 joins me to discuss his role as an Site Reliability Engineer, how he handles Incident Responses, and how to write a good Post-mortem.

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    REST API's with Phil Sturgeon

    Phil Sturgeon explains to us why REST is still a rock solid solution for many use cases in 2018, where GraphQL and gRPC have their roles, and gives tips on how to keep your API's reasonable and scalable.

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    Going Solo with Adam Wathan

    Adam Wathan, host of Full Stack Radio, joins us to talk about his experience starting as an entrepreneur, creating educational products, and more.

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    Introspection with Caleb Porzio

    In our kickoff episode we speak with Caleb Porzio, co-host of Twenty Percent Time podcast and developer at Tighten Co., about introspection and how he approaches deep thinking.